Scottsdale Behavioral Health agency dedicated to psychiatric and addiction services


The most exciting and fascinating scientific topic today is neuro-science. Psychiatric symptoms
reside in bran circuits with altered or inefficient neuro-transmissions between them. Initial choice of
medications, options after initial treatment failures, how to combine medications for best possible
results and avoiding side effects is not a guess work anymore but is based on current sophsticated
neuro-scientific knowledge.

Dr. Jaffery is certified by American Society of Psychopharmacology (ASCP), as advanced clinical
psychopharmacologist. He is also a long time member of Neuroscience Institute and has
completed over 105 continued educational courses through the Institute. His choice of medication
is based on your symptom profiles - diagnosis, matching it with malfunctioning brain circuits,
avoiding side effects and habit formation for mood and anxiety disorder, insomnia, sleep/wake
disorders, ADHD, impulsive/compulsive disorders, psychosis and some personality disorders.